Rabôt Female Portrait Series. Meet Sophia and Sophie

By Rabôt World

Sophia Moreno-Bunge of ISA ISA and Sophie Monet Sophia Moreno-Bunge of ISA ISA and Sophie Monet

We’re celebrating female creatives based in Los Angeles who are inspiring to us at RABÔT.

Meet Sophia of @isaisafloral and Sophie of @sophiemonet, shot by @zhenyaminaeva.

Sophia is wearing our Sur Top and Paradisi Skirt and Sophie is wearing our Paradisi Top and Paradisi Skirt.


Sophia - Sophia moreno-Bunge is a multifaceted artist and creative. She is the founder and creative director of the Los Angeles based ISA ISA floral design studio and co-owner of Fig Tree restaurant in Venice, CA.


Sophie - Sophie Monet is a line of handcrafted jewelry, lovingly made in Venice, California. Designed by Sophie Monet Okulick, the collection is a reflection of her life spent around the material. An affinity for the material’s endless design options and a desire to be mindful to sustainability led Monet to create her entire first collection, cut and crafted of wood. Since then, the line has grown, as has Okulick’s workmanship. Each new season brings bold new colors, precious stones and metals, with the designer sourcing inspiration from the rich landscape around her. Garnering attention for both its unique interplay of mid-century references and earth inspirations, the designs are bold, while still bestowing an ease of wear and natural, earthy appeal.


Sophia moreno-Bunge and Sophie Monet

Q: What inspires you about each other?

Sophia - “I’m so inspired by Sophie for so many reasons. She is so committed to her creative practice which I really admire; whether she’s in the mood or not she shows up for herself in the studio, and in the rest of her life as well.  She’s adventurous and bold, positive , curious and a community builder. And of course, a loyal and caring friend. I also really admire her joy for life - she really knows how to appreciate and enjoy the moment- whether we’re at the beach, being creative together , traveling , cooking a meal or relaxing on the couch."


Sophie - “Sophia inspires me in so many different ways. We’ve known each other since we were 5 years old—we’ve grown up together, we’ve started businesses at the same time, we’ve traveled the world together…the list goes on. Sophia's always had such a distinct eye for color, objects, and food that create a very specific atmosphere.

She knows how to intertwine these concepts to striking effect, opening up my senses and creating a beautifully comforting, warm, and playful atmosphere. As we’ve grown into our 30s, I’ve seen both of our styles evolve. She is bold and outgoing—always down to try something new, be it bold foods or colors. Whenever we talk or spend time together, we always inspire each other to come up with new creative ideas for our businesses, bouncing ideas off one another, no matter how wild they might be. Her greatest gift is that she’s a risk taker just like I am and so she’s given me the support to make those bold choices and take those risks with confidence.

Sophia moreno-Bunge and Sophie Monet

Q: How have you been uplifted this past year by each other?

Sophia - “
Sophie has always been such a supportive person in my life; whether to get creative with, bounce ideas off of, to throw events with, or as a shoulder to cry on, I can always rely on her and this year was no different. I’ve loved watching her become a mom this last year; taking a fearless leap in such uncertain times and with such grace. I admire how she’s made space for this ultimate creative act while still maintaining her jewelry line and her friendships and relationships. It’s really inspiring to witness. Somehow she still has time to have me over for a home cooked dinner and backyard hangs - she’s amazing."


Sophie - “In isolation during Covid, Sophia and I still worked together on creative projects. I watched on proudly as she re-launched her family restaurant and as female founders, we both look out for one another, always keeping the other in mind when an opportunity or event arises. Our creative bond and support system has kept us close, and working together is a great excuse to spend time together—time which we both cherish."

Sophia moreno-Bunge and Sophie Monet