Rabôt Female Portrait Series. Meet Mui-Hai and Karolina

By Rabôt World

Mui-Hai Chu and Karolina Maszkiewicz Mui-Hai Chu and Karolina Maszkiewicz

We’re celebrating female creatives based in Los Angeles who are inspiring to us at RABÔT.

Meet Mui-Hai, @muihai and Karolina, @karolina_maszkiewicz, shot by @zhenyaminaeva.

Mui-Hai is wearing our Miller Shirt and Karolina is wearing our Chapelle Top and Silas Pant.

Mui-Hai - Mui-Hai is a stylist, creative director, writer, insomniac, and daydreamer. She is the Style Director of Flaunt Magazine.

Karolina - Karolina was born and raised in Poland. She is living and working in Los Angeles. Brief fashion design career before moving into sculpture with a focus on kinetic, organic nature-derivative work.


Mui Hai and Karolina

Q: What inspires you about each other?

Mui-Hai - "Karolina has a very unique and beautiful, elegant way about her. When we first met at a fashion party, I was immediately enchanted by her. She possesses this incredible depth and stillness and wisdom that is invigorating, and she is a true and kind spirit. She translates all of this into her stunning artwork. She has created her own life and her own world following her innate talent and passion. These are a few of the things about her that inspire me."

Karolina - "
I’m inspired by MC’s groundedness and sincerity, as well as her intelligence and kindness. Her wit combined with an appreciation for beauty and knowledge of finer things makes her a truly entertaining person to spend the day with. It’s a rare thing to embody so many positive characteristics, even more so while working in such a challenging and demeaning industry."

Mui Hai and Karolina

Q: How have you been uplifted this past year by each other?

Mui-Hai - “
The pandemic has given us all a necessary pause, which has allowed us to consider the people, activities, and purpose in our lives. It has become so apparent how the company you keep does truly shape you. Karolina's friendship has uplifted me in the same way that she inspires me. She is a genuine friend, not someone who's just there for the good or the gossip or the frills. Her point of view and advice in any situation is always invaluable, as the way in which she views the world and life is quite profound. She is also completely honest, which is so rare."


Karolina - “Through the pandemic, I’ve been reading some books on mindfulness and other Buddhist teachings. I found myself in a need of some serious guidance. I turned to MC because she embodies all of them naturally. She thinks about other people first and has great insight combined with a soothing way of expressing her opinions. During the last year, I have naturally found myself gravitating towards friends I feel a true connection with and that have a positive impact on me. MC’s friendship has been an unwavering presence."

Mui Hai and Karolina