Rabôt Female Portrait Series. Meet MAAD and Eliven

By Rabôt World

MAAD and Eliven MAAD and Eliven

We’re celebrating female creatives based in Los Angeles who are inspiring to us at RABÔT.

Meet @shesmaad and @ellyway, shot by @zhenyaminaeva.

MAAD is wearing our Miller Top and Terre Pant and Eliven is wearing our Olivio Top and Paradisi Skirt.

MAAD - Embracing music as her destined calling at a single digit age opened MAAD’s eyes to her own limitless potential as an artist, setting her on a lifelong path of self-discovery, determination and relentless drive. The New York-born, New Jersey-raised artist became enamored by the art of self-expression growing up, finding inspiration in her mother’s charismatic work as a stylist and her father’s talents as a musician. Initially, after finishing school, MAAD focused on her work as a songwriter, an entry point to the industry that culminated in working behind-the-scenes with an array of esteemed musicians. Though songwriting helped strengthen her pen game, MAAD found herself eager to seek out other avenues to build her artistry, develop her own voice and independently support her creative endeavors.

While working on original music and finding her footing, DJing emerged as an organic next step, leading her to garner a notable client list featuring the likes of Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Instagram, Samsung, Beautycon, Laura Mercier, Piaget, PopSugar x Coachella, and Spotify at Cannes Lion where she opened up for Nas, Swizz Beatz, Bebe Rexa and Tove Lo. In tandem with her work as a DJ, MAAD remained steadfast in her journey to establish herself as a singer-songwriter, releasing 2017’s Lè Funk, 2018’s Technicolor and 2020’s Eventually Pt. 1. In addition to accumulating a wide range of accolades in music, MAAD has also modeled for and been featured by VFiles, i-D, Wonderland, Schön!, Notion, ELLE, NYLON, Seventeen, Anastasia Beverly Hills and A Peace Treaty x Vogue.

Approaching every gig, brand partnership and collaboration as an opportunity to live her purpose, MAAD is winning over new audiences with her undeniable talent, infectious charm and the welcoming sincerity she exudes. Currently based in Los Angeles, MAAD is happily navigating a sonic landscape accented by alternative R&B, pop and contemporary dance music, creating a distinctive sound that is reflective of her overall radiance.

Eliven - Eliven went to school for fashion and worked in jewelry design and it was there that she realized her passion was more so on the beauty and advertisement side of the business. She found herself really enjoying the art of makeup and the nurturing act of service in making someone feel beautiful after sitting in her chair. Her work has appeared in and on the covers of top publications like GQ, Vogue, Complex, LA Confidential, TIME, Paper Magazine, I-D, and Essence. Eliven continues to collaborate with celebrity and fashion brands to create the most beautiful makeup looks. Her down to earth and calm spirit makes everyone feel comfortable in her hands. 


MAAD and Eliven

Q: What inspires you about each other?

MAAD - “I love her creativity, heart and how funny she is! It’s always a pleasure working with someone that you know cares about you, your well-being and can have a good time around.

Her persistence and work ethic is something I admire as well. I think it’s really important to surround yourself with people that have the same hustle as you.
I also love how she thinks outsides the box when it comes to makeup. I love to take it there and she gets it!"


Eliven - “Her work ethic and creativity, the way she thinks outside the box and persistently works towards her goals, I admire that about her! I’ve truly never met anyone who isn’t afraid to take risks like she does and making it look so beautiful, not only with fashion but also with her music. I appreciate that her music makes me feel good, especially in times like the pandemic when every day is not always a good day. MAAD’s music is lively, upbeat, fun and bright just like her!"

MAAD and Eliven

Q: How have you been uplifted this past year by each other?

MAAD - “We always look out for each other! Wether it’s a client referral or linking one another to someone that can help grow our businesses. She has become someone that I look to for advice and I’m extremely grateful for her!"

Eliven - “I am uplifted by her morning texts and discussions about how to target our day and certain parts of our business, we value each other’s opinions."


MAAD and Eliven