Rabôt Female Portrait Series. Meet Kate and Krys

By Rabôt World

Kate Parfet and Krys Marshall Kate Parfet and Krys Marshall

We’re celebrating female creatives based in Los Angeles who are inspiring to us at RABÔT.

Meet @kateparfet and @krysmarshall, shot by @zhenyaminaeva.

Kate is wearing our Sur Top and Colby Short and Krys is wearing our Olivio Top and Paradisi Skirt.

Kate Parfet - Kate Parfet is a creative consultant based in Mt. Washington, Los Angeles. She is currently editing her second book of poetry.

Krys Marshall - Krys Marshall is an actor, writer, podcaster and dog-mom, based in Los Angeles. She is currently shooting the Apple TV+ series For All Mankind, which is in its third season.

Kate Parfet and Krys Marshall

Q: What inspires you about each other?

Krys - “I'm constantly impressed by Katie's ability to adapt and reinvent herself. We've been friends for more than a decade, and I've seen her slow and steady evolution towards the woman she is today. She's not afraid to question her beliefs, she remains open to criticism and redirection, and has a firm allegiance to becoming her most authentic and fully realized self. That quality is rare, it takes courage and vulnerability, and she's got that in spades."


Kate - “Krys is confident and vulnerable in equal measure. She’s unapologetically herself and celebrates that. She also doesn’t hide behind a mirage of perfection. She’s the first to say when she needs to be on her own or could use support. She says what she means without fear of what others will think. Her direct nature makes her so easy to talk to and fun to be around. And she’s always championing the women in her life — family, friends and co-workers."

Kate Parfet and Krys Marshall

Q: How have you been uplifted this past year by each other?

Krys - “During the pandemic, she and I would regularly walk around the Silverlake Reservoir, to uplift and download. Sometimes we'd talk shop: spitballing ideas about upcoming projects and potential creative opportunities, helping one another see the forest for the trees. Sometimes we'd talk shit: about men, celebrity gossip, beauty trends, and holistic retreats. We'd discuss fashion, politics, family and art. And other times we'd cry. And vent. Or just walk in silence and hold space. There's an intimacy there, with a very old friend, that cannot be replicated by anything other than time."


Kate - “So crucial in a time where connection was hard to come by and day often blended to night without leaving the house. The permission to be ourselves — messy, gooey, mad, sad, elated etc. was invaluable. I hope we’re still walking the res talking shit well into our eighties!"

Kate Parfet and Krys Marshall