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Lena Daly and Julie Lena Daly and Julie

We’re celebrating female creatives based in Los Angeles who are inspiring to us at RABÔT.


Meet Lena Daly, @djpsychicdriving and Julie Sadowski, @juliesdwski.


Lena is wearing our Mitra Top, Valentine Pant and Serene Dress and Julie is wearing our Sur Top, Sola Tank, Paradisi Skirt and Dolores Pant.


Lena - Lena Daly holds a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and a MFA from The University of Southern California. She has participated in exhibitions at Various Small Fires, Los Angeles, CA; the Film Sector of Art Basel Miami Beach; Aupuni Space, Honolulu, Hawaii; Balice Hertling, Paris, FR; Romer Young Gallery, San Francisco, CA; Compound Yucca Valley, and Harkawick Gallery, Los Angeles. She recently worked on projects with Meow Wolf, Las Vegas and The Getty Museum. She is working with plasma lights and glass casting. Her work limns the vibratory thresholds of the visual and subsonic realms, braiding their intersections into synesthetic contaminations. Daly currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.

Julie - Julie was born in the US and raised in Poland. She now lives in Los Angeles. She's an artist. She mainly works with photography. She really loves the ocean.


Lena Daly and Julie

Q: What inspires you about each other?

Lena - "
Julie can shred. She can surf and skate. She came from Poland to California and immediately learned how to surf. She landed a job at the legendary surf shop, TK's Frog House in Newport Beach. Even today if you walk into that surf shop with Julie, they all still know her and will get you set up with some wetsuits and boards to catch a few fun ones across the street. I see her creativity come out when describing waves. She taught me about each surfbreak's wave behavior. Every few blocks she knows the kind of waves all down the coast. Her bold, adventurous side comes out when exploring her surroundings. I've watched her pull over to bomb nicely sloped hills in Vegas parking lots. She's fearless. Or you can catch her behind a camera, going into unknown zones, her images taking us all along with her. I always think of her like the tour guide in Stalker, from the Soviet era film who takes people seeking inspiration to a mysterious restricted site known as The Zone, where supposedly a field exists which grants a person's innermost desires. I love that she finds and documents new ways of moving smoothly through the landscape."

Julie - "It’s hard not to say everything. Lena is one of the most magical people I’ve met. She glows and brings glow into my life. And I mean that not only metaphorically but literally (hint: look up her work). Her deep curiosity and passion for things she is interested in inspire me. We share a deep love for the ocean, adventures and some very soulful music.


Lena Daly and Julie

How have you been uplifted by each other?

Lena - "When we are on our seeking adventures she reminds me not to hold back and tunes me in, playing some diva driven euphoric vocals for the ride. We talk and we listen together. Our favorite two step tracks played over and over. We get excellent thinking done with the right soundtrack. Julie can always predict what I need to hear. The volume is up and the windows are down. Notes appear, glowing for brief seconds and then resubmerging while the bass invades the car and body's interior. It's a good way to take yourself out of the thinking part of things."

Julie - "I met Lena when I was having a really hard time living in Los Angeles. I felt I was lacking community and friends who share similar values. She took me with an open heart, with no judgment and always down for an adventure. My life got so much richer and more exciting when we became friends. I love discovering new things and places with her. I definitely have shared some of the best times of my life with Lena. She’s also been there for me everytime life gets a little difficult. She’s helped me get through break ups, family stuff and just general ups and downs of life."

Lena Daly and JulieLena DalyLena Daly