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Avery Wheless and Bella Gadsby Avery Wheless and Bella Gadsby

We’re celebrating female creatives based in Los Angeles who are inspiring to us at RABÔT.


Meet Avery Wheless, @averywheless and Bella Gadsby, @bellagadsby.


Avery is wearing our Blu Top and Rabôt Silk Scarf and Bella is wearing our Miller Shirt and Colby Short.


Avery Wheless is a painter living in Los Angeles. She grew up in Petaluma, CA and she has exhibited at Ochi Projects in Sun Valley, Seasons Gallery in Los Angeles, and Superzoom Gallery in Paris. Her work also expands into film and explores the existence of the body and the spaces they exhibit. She is interested in creating a stage on which figures play with the intimate interactions between subjects, and their roles as surveyors and as the surveyed. Wheless has been featured in Rolling Stone, Harpers Bazaar Nylon Spain, Paper, Creators-Vice, Artillery Magazine, and Flaunt as well as other publications.

Bella (she/they) is an independent filmmaker and co-founder of Peter Pictures, a female-led full service creative house. As an actor, screenwriter, creative director, and journalist, her work has appeared places such as Apple TV, Playboy, Flaunt, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. She finds herself pulled to the strange, the wonderful, and the true. 




Q: What inspires you about each other?

Avery - "
Bella inspires me because she has an acute sensitivity, which she brings into her work and interactions with others. Bella never fails to pick up on little details that inform so much, and most people miss. They know how to listen, observe and then translate that into another form for her audience through her film and writing. Bella’s curious and empathic energy is contagious. She makes me feel seen and cared for. Bella moves through the world with a confidence that made me want to be their friend from the moment I met her on the dance floor at a party on the fourth of July."

Bella - "
Sitting down to write this I’m overwhelmed by the sheer number of things about Avery that inspire me. She is an extraordinary artist and an extraordinary person. Avery doesn’t approach her dreams as an unreachable destination or some place where you’ve gotta step on others to arrive. Instead, she works hard, is kind, and shows up for people. She really trusts in the universe and the timing of the universe. She has faith that doing what she loves to do will take her where she wants to go. It’s fucking awesome and I’m trying to learn this from her. "



How have you been uplifted by each other??

Avery - "Bella uplifts me with her honesty. I can trust her with my hopes and fears without worry of feeling judged or the notion of oversharing or burdening. We support and hold each other in a space where we are uplifted to create, explore and make mistakes. Bella is someone I forever want to dance through life with."

Bella - "I hope everyone can find someone like Avery. From the oranges she drops outside my door, to the late-night “I’m so proud of you!” texts, giving me her apartment key so I can write in solace… Avery sees me and I think feeling genuinely seen on a consistent basis is one of the most uplifting feelings in the world."