Rabôt Female Portrait Series. Meet Jacqueline and Amelia

By Rabôt World

Jacqueline Rabot and Amelia Lockwood Jacqueline Rabot and Amelia Lockwood

We’re celebrating female creatives based in Los Angeles who are inspiring to us at RABÔT.

Meet @jacquelinerabot, the founder of RABÔT and the person who inspires her, @amiamia. Photographed by @zhenyaminaeva.

Jacqueline is wearing our Miller Shirt and Dolores Pant and Amelia is wearing our Sur Top and Paradisi Skirt.

Jacqueline (left) - Jacqueline grew up in the shadow of New York City under the roof of creatives. She graduated with a BFA from Academy of Art University in San Francisco and studied specialized fashion courses in Rome, Italy. Always a pleasure-seeker, Jacqueline is inspired by the delights of food, music, travel and the outdoors. Her love of nature brings forth a deeply rooted desire to preserve and protect our environment. Jacqueline launched her own brand, RABÔT, in July 2019, one that is committed to positivity and sustainability.

Amelia (right) - Amelia Lockwood (b.1990) is a Los Angeles based ceramic artist whose practice privileges gestural language to produce objects that are reflections of our energetic surroundings.

Jacqueline Rabot and Amelia Lockwood

Q: What inspires you about each other?


A: Jacqueline - “Amelia has always been an empowering presence in my life. She enables me to showcase my weird self and pushes me out of my comfort zone in my work. She’s resilient. And she’s uplifting. She’s always positive and upbeat, with an infectiousness that I can’t help but match."

Amelia - “Jacqueline is the funniest girl I know! She harnesses an uplifting energy that radiates from her consistently… in every environment. I feel inspired by her humor, positivity and her genuine lust for life.

Jacqueline Rabot and Amelia Lockwood

Q: How have you been uplifted this past year by each other?

A: Jacqueline - “We quarantined for most of 2020 together, when the year was the most unpredictable and unknown. We took the most basic of tasks, like cooking, and upped the ante - we made tempura, Turkish flatbreads, and pizzas. Amelia converted a space the size of a closet into her temporary ceramic studio, which she would dutifully retire to every day. It was inspiring and a raw, unaffected kind of time. It was just us, working toward something.”

Amelia - “Jacqueline privileges a sense of play in the everyday. She is always finding ways to laugh and have fun by embracing what is right in front of us. She's a pleasure seeker guided by her positive and spritely attitude. It was a damn blessing we were living together during the early days of Covid… we cooked, laughed, drank.. collectively redirected our energy to embrace what we could with our limited resources. Which is when she made the Planet Eden line. Which I think is about finding pleasure in darkness.”

Jacqueline Rabot and Amelia Lockwood