The Sustainability Series. Meet Gaia Rattazzi

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The Sustainability Series. Meet Gaia Rattazzi The Sustainability Series. Meet Gaia Rattazzi

The Sustainability Series - where we feature advocates for a more eco-friendly world.


Meet Gaia Rattazzi of @ssustainably_


What made you decide to start living sustainably?
Gaia - Learning about the impacts humans are having on the planet convinced me to change my habits, as well as calling for wider change from bigger polluters. As I realised all the waste, pollution and resource exploitation that happens as a consequence of our lifestyles and systems we live in, I couldn’t turn a blind eye, individual changes are what came first in my journey towards sustainability.


Rabot The Sustainability Series

What are some small ways someone can start implementing sustainable living?

Gaia - Anyone can start, no matter where they are, what they do and how much they know! i think it all starts from community and fostering a sense of a shared, collective responsibility by connecting with those around us and learning and acting together. By that i mean sharing knowledge with each other helping to drive change in our families and friend groups. Diet change is another really big thing, animal agriculture is largely responsible for the climate crisis and not to mention many of our health issues, switching to plant based nutrition can have many benefits. Other than this i would say just buy less, whether that’s clothes, electronics or anything that we impulse buy, accumulate and never really use, just for it to be discarded, thinking about how we spend our money can go a long way and making the most of what we have is crucial. Finally, Never stop informing yourself, knowledge is power.

Rabot The Sustainability Series

Where are you currently based and can you list some of your favorite local ethical shops?

Gaia - I'm based in Leeds, UK and I don’t really buy many new clothes, I particularly love the charity shops here and kilo events where vintage clothes are sold by the weight. There is one sustainable shop near me called Trad Collective, which has a lovely collection of unique, ethically made pieces.

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