Rabôt Female Portrait Series. Meet Gena and Isabella

By Rabôt World

Gena Milanesi and Isabella Innis Gena Milanesi and Isabella Innis

We’re celebrating female creatives based in Los Angeles who are inspiring to us at RABÔT.

Meet Gena Milanesi, @gmilanesi and Isabella Innis, @isabellainnis

Gena - Gena is a self-taught artist whose work reflects a remastered reality through intense brushstrokes & movement. As a dual-citizen of the US & UK, she constantly retracts to her roots as a source of inspiration and is currently based in Los Angeles. Her work oscillates between abstract and figurative, each complimentary of the other with texture and feminine overtones. The bold layers of paint function to achieve a distinct energy with oil, acrylic & other mixed mediums. Her work presents a simultaneous exploration of the contemporary that reoccurs showing concepts of newness & practices of the past.

Isabella - Isabella is an abstract painter based in Los Angeles. She spent parts of her childhood in Nashville, TN, Oxford, U.K. and Colorado. Her paintings interact with the art of story telling, creating narratives composed in a variety of nostalgic modes- at times sentimental, at times playful, yet both evoking the joy and grief of passing time. She uses lyrical brushstrokes in juxtaposition with dripping washes, palette knife etchings, and rhythmic markings to connect universal shared histories to the personal.

Gena Milanesi and Isabella Innis

Q: What uplifts and inspires you about each other?

Gena - "
Much like her paintings, Isabella brings a light and energy when she walks into any room. Her diligence and keen eye for detail set her apart and continue to be constant reminders of why I love the craft. Whether it’s a phone call or a cuppa together, I always feel genuine happiness and reassurance from Iz. Always a good laugh."

Isabella - "
Gena is my happy pill. Her persistence, drive, and business-savvy inspire me to find creative solutions to any obstacle. She has uplifted and encouraged me in the thickest of cloud coverage. G is loyal, empathetic, and a jolly good laugh- my Scottish sister."


Gena Milanesi and Isabella Innis