Deadstock Fabrics 

Rabôt is committed to using at least 50% of deadstock fabric in each collection. By utilizing deadstock fabric, Rabôt is able to aid in reducing the quantity of excess waste that’s sent to landfills. As deadstock fabrics are generally available in smaller rolls, Rabôt’s garments are available in limited quantities making each piece rare and exclusive.



Natural Dyes  

Working with an LA-based wash expert for their SS21 collection, Rabôt used natural dyes to create a subtle tie-dye effect on their tencel fabric. The final results incorporated six styles naturally dyed with madder root, tea, logwood and tumeric.




Natural Fibers

In addition to Rabôt’s commitment to using deadstock fabrics and incorporating natural dyes, Rabôt uses as many natural fibers vs synthetic fibers. A variety of silk, tencel, linen and cotton can be found throughout the collections.



Repurposing Leftover Fabrics

Every leftover fabric scrap is saved and then repurposed to be used in a new form. Face masks, kimono belts and pillows are cut from small fabric scraps that would otherwise be discarded.





Local Production

All of Rabôt’s garments are produced in downtown Los Angeles by a small team of sewers and patternmakers. As the production is local, it enables Rabôt to support the Los Angeles community and economy.




Rabôt operates on a pre-order model. This allows the brand to avoid holding excess inventory and in turn reduces waste that is typically created with non made-to-order models.






Charitable Donations

Rabôt is committed to being a catalyst for change and giving back to those most vulnerable. Charitable donations have been built into the cost of each garment. Each collection has a theme, and the founder selects a charity to give back to for that season. Some charities that have been selected are Food Forward, CA Fire Foundation and Rainforest Trust. 

Exclusive garments are designed with in-house created graphics such as Rabôt’s fruit sticker tees and tote bags. A portion of proceeds were donated to Food Forward, a charity which supports America’s food banks.



Community Building

Community building is a core tenant for Rabôt, and they are routinely finding new ways to engage with their peers. When COVID-19 became a large presence in the US, Rabôt asked their community to write letters of encouragement to hospital workers and the eldery in retirement homes. Another initiative Rabôt undetook was creating pillows made of silk fabric scraps and dontated them to the East Los Angeles Women’s Center.



Charitable Events

In October 2020, Rabôt hosted the Planet Eden Fashion and Art Auction Event to raise money for the CA Fire Foundation, a charity supporting California wildfire relief. Twelve female LA-based artists contributed their artwork, along with select Rabôt garments for the event at a private residence in the Hollywood Dell. Plans for future activations include tree planting, beach clean-ups and at-home gardening events.