Exclusive Deadstock Fabric

The Rhapsody Collection uses deadstock fabric in an effort to use up excess material as an alternative to producing new fabric. Since our reliance on deadstock determines our yardage, we are extremely selective about the fabrics we choose. These limited quantities allow us to manufacture only a few garments in any design, adding a desirable element of exclusivity. 

For wholesale, using deadstock fabric enables us to customize our pieces in colors and prints specific to stores that carry our garments. This made-to-order option allows our stores to curate exclusive fabrics to work with their merchandising plan. 

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Made in Los Angeles

We understand the damaging impact that disposable fast fashion can have on the environment. That’s why we produce all of our merchandise locally in Los Angeles. Every part of the process—from research, design, and sourcing fabrication to patterning, sewing, and shipping—is performed here to benefit local workers and to eliminate the harmful gases caused by transportation. 


Made to Order

It is common practice to incinerate stock that doesn’t sell. Our garments are made to order, which enables us to avoid holding excess inventory. Additionally, the owner of each garment benefits from a level of exclusivity not possible with mass-produced offerings. Individual care is granted to each and every garment, ensuring the highest-quality product. 



What's Next

We are continuously looking for ways to make Rabôt even more sustainable, while expanding our vision for the brand. Currently, we are sourcing sustainable fabrics and working to expand our new offering of silhouettes for future collections. 

We believe that knowledge is power when it comes to sustainability. By showing our customers how they can make a difference in their communities, we can collectively make an impact on the health of our planet.