Rabôt Female Portrait Series. Meet Zoe and Neelima

By Rabôt World

Zoe and Neely Zoe and Neely

We’re celebrating female creatives based in Los Angeles who are inspiring to us at RABÔT.


Meet Zoe Koke @pocket_ful_of_posey and Neelima of @ulsi.omen. Zoe is the artist of our cherub print for the ANGELS collection.


Zoe is wearing our Paradisi Top, Beaux Pant and Divina Glove and Neelima is wearing our Mimi Cardi and Paloma Dress.


Zoe - Zoe Koke is a Canadian artist and writer living in Los Angeles. She works across mediums to untangle environmental cues, poetics and questions related to power, feminism and space.

Neelima - 
Neelima Narayanan originally from India and Singapore, started her jewelry line Ulsi Omen in Los Angles. Her day job is a gallery archivist, but she devotes her spare time making unique sculptural pieces custom for her clients. She believes jewelry is an extension of persons visual identity.


Zoe and Neelima

Q: What inspires you about each other?

Zoe - "
Neelima is an anchor for me and many. She’s one of the most consistently kind, creative and egoless people I know. She deeply appreciates beauty in life and creates space for this in her life with her jewelry, her work in art, her fashion and her attention to detail. She is also a brilliant friend. Her spirit is grounded yet affectionate and fun.  She works tirelessly. She inspires me to let go but also to focus and to take care of myself creatively and emotionally."

Neelima - "
Zoe Koke was one of my first friends in LA and it was an magnetic when we met. I believe what connected us is our constant love for subtle beautiful moments in nature and culture. Zoe is inspirational because her kind and sensitive heart is a language she uses in her visual art practice. Her courage to dive deep is something I always look up to in both myself and my jewelry practice."


Zoe Koke and Neelima

Q: How have you been uplifted this past year by each other?

Zoe - "I
 have had a really challenging year and because Neelima also isn’t American, she understands the weight of the visa process and the uprootedness of making a life away from home. I think in some ways, we approach life very similarly and have shared values because we aren’t from here. There’s a deep complex well of understanding there that I really value. We are also pursuing careers far from the fabric of our families. Most importantly, I feel we’re always sincerely there for each other when things get difficult."

Neelima - "I believe what bonded us the most was the fact we are both not American. It can be to hard create stability and connections in a country abroad. If anything we have become each others family and supported each others artist practices when times are tough.  We encourage each other. I believe in her work as she believes in mine."

Zoe and Neelima