By Rabôt World


We’re celebrating female creatives based in Los Angeles who are inspiring to us at RABÔT.


Meet sisters Bricia Lopez and Paulina Lopez, photographed on film by Bella Gadsby.


Bricia is wearing the Miller Shirt and Miller Pant and Paulina is wearing the Court Coat and Avery Scarf.



Bricia Lopez is a culinary force, blending her roles as a chef, entrepreneur, and author with finesse. A pivotal partner at the esteemed Guelaguetza Restaurant, which has earned accolades including The James Beard American Classics award, Bricia carries on the legacy of what the late Jonathan Gold hailed as “The best Oaxacan restaurant in the United States.” Her literary contributions include “OAXACA Home Cooking From the Heart of Mexico,” a sensation that quickly climbed to Amazon bestseller status and snagged a James Beard nomination in 2020, and “Asada,” her 2023 release that found its place in the New York Times' list of the year's best cookbooks. Alongside her siblings, Bricia co-launched two national brands, I Love Micheladas™ cocktail mix and Guelaguetza™ mole starters, furthering their influence in the food and beverage industry. A familiar face on national platforms, she has graced NBC’s Today Show and Bravo’s Top Chef as a judge, with features in Forbes, NPR, Food & Wine, BBC, and The New Yorker, showcasing her role as an influential figure in promoting Oaxacan cuisine.



How has living in Los Angeles fostered your career? 

Bricia - "Living in Los Angeles has been instrumental in shaping my career in ways I could never have imagined. This city, with its vibrant diversity and openness to new ideas, provided the perfect canvas for Guelaguetza to introduce and celebrate Oaxacan cuisine. L.A.’s dynamic culinary scene encouraged me to innovate while staying true to my roots. The incredible mix of cultures and foods here has constantly inspired me to push boundaries and explore creative avenues, whether through my cookbooks, restaurant, or our product lines. The support from the community and the opportunities to connect with a wide audience have been crucial to my growth as a cook and entrepreneur."

Paulina - "LA is a hip, diverse place with tons of people open to experiment and appreciation of new cultures and flavors. We have an amazing Oaxacan and Latino community supporting us all the way. People are wonderfully open to expand their palate and get to know different cultures."


Is there something unique to Los Angeles about the Oaxacan food at Guelaguetza?


Bricia - "What sets Guelaguetza’s Oaxacan food apart in Los Angeles is not just the authenticity that we strive to maintain, but also the way we’ve managed to weave it into the fabric of the city’s culinary tapestry. Los Angeles, with its broad appreciation for international cuisines, offers a unique backdrop where Oaxacan flavors can shine alongside, and even merge with, other culinary traditions. This environment has pushed us to elevate our dishes, integrating the diverse palates of this city while staying rooted in traditional Oaxacan techniques and ingredients. It’s a dialogue between cultures, where our food tells the story of Oaxaca in a city that listens with keen interest and open hearts. Only in LA can a Oaxacan restaurant exist inside a historic Korean building."

How does the LA food scene inspire you?


Paulina - "Experiencing and tasting foods from all over the world has opened and expanded my palate to a world of flavors and experiences. Other communities and culture, getting to know them though food has been amazing."


What inspires you about each other?


Bricia - "Every day, I'm profoundly inspired by my sister, Paulina. Watching her balance the immense responsibilities of being a devoted mother to three beautiful children, alongside her critical role in overseeing our restaurant's operations, is nothing short of awe-inspiring. But it’s her boundless kindness and selflessness that truly set her apart. Paulina embodies the heart and soul of our family's values, pouring love and dedication into every aspect of her life, whether it's nurturing her family or ensuring every guest at our restaurant feels the warmth of our hospitality. Her strength and grace under pressure remind me of the power of commitment and the beauty of selfless love. Paulina isn't just the operational backbone of our restaurant; she's the living embodiment of its spirit, inspiring all of us to strive for excellence in everything we do, always with kindness and a generous heart."

Paulina - "My sister is one of the most fearless women I've ever met. When she puts her mind to something, you can bet that she will get it. She is an action-oriented person and is always on the move.

There's absolutely nothing she cannot accomplish. Her persistence and strength are always a source of inspiration for me. She always pushes me to pursue my goals and dreams."